RMS Director reduces corporate overhead, improves cash flow by intelligently recognizing data from undeliverable mail and variably routing individual customer accounts for resolution

Horizontech, Inc. (HTI), a Global information technology solutions Company, announced a new information technology innovation change of address issues and returned mail. RMS Director is targeted towards large volume First Class returned mail issues; intelligently recognizes individual Customers at point of scanning and data capture, sorts and dynamically distributes electronically for resolution. The solution can work outside of current processes, have minimal impact on IT and fully comply with any industry regulation, including SEC, CMS and HIPAA regulations.

“The original design for the base workflow of this integrated, complex and automated solution needed a delivery vehicle that would enable the platform to become reality,” stated Bob Hedstrom, Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Development. “Horizontech’s core strength is in customization and technical integration of paper, data, images, hardware, software and business processes that are very specific to a market and/or customer business application need. Our proprietary Enterprise Workflow Software XperTran® was developed as an answer to static, inflexible workflow software and enables RMS Director. RMS Director is like Star Wars for returned mail and change of address.”

The solution combines our automation workflow capabilities with our integrated lifecycle solutions for returned mail. Customers decide, on the fly, how accounts will process, how they will search for data, how they contact the Customer, how the address is validated and how Customers respond.

“What’s really amazing is that it is both variable and dynamic; datasets and workflow can change day-by-day based on our Customer’s web-based interface and their direction from real-time results,” stated David Zook CEO and President. “The solution will automate resolution, including automated work queues, communications and notices, and reduce the numerous manual tasks and associated overhead tied to this issue.”

Companies continue to struggle with managing this issue and tend to focus on the envelope instead of the communication. Every single undeliverable mail piece is a “customer” that is not taking an action, paying a Patient or Utility Bill, receiving an Explanation of Benefit (EOB), a 1099 or Financial Statement, as example. These Customer accounts need to ultimately be resolved; unfortunately, current market processes are manual, time consuming, unproductive and not tracked.

In 2013, the USPS reported returned mail as 3.67% of outbound mail, increasing year over year and highly attributable to movers. The issue costs US Businesses $65 Billion+ dollars annually. USPS NCOALINK is a good, inexpensive data tool that can resolve some address issues, but only 50% of the population files a change of address; the rest is up to businesses to resolve.

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Horizontech, Inc. (HTI) is a Global Information Technology Services organization, with operations throughout the US, China and India. HTI develops custom technology solutions that integrate data, image, paper, hardware, software, devices and business processes to more efficiently automate customer enterprise business applications. We have processed in excess of 20 million undeliverable mail pieces and $ 2 billion in customer AR and are considered a market and industry expert.

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