We know that all businesses are not alike, and many have major pain points with mission critical processes that are inefficient, disparate and involve vast amounts of documents and data. Most generic, off-the-shelf software and/or platforms do not have the flexibility nor configurability for a business to expand, contract and change. It’s not a one size fits all world and many companies struggle with spending vast resources, time and expense to put band-aids on a foundationally bad situation. Companies want to change, but lack the technical systems, process and platform capabilities to fully automate enterprise business requirements. Budgets may also be a major restraint on allowing a company to make some widespread changes to inefficient processes.

We take a different approach.

Horizontech provides a custom, rapidly deployed, configurable Platform as a Service (PaaS). Our PaaS is powered by XperTran® and enables solutions that fully automate mission critical business processes for paper and digital assets. We give businesses the ability to normalize vast amounts of paper and digital documents, solve specific application and process pain points with such and do so within a rapidly deployed timeline and budget.

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS):

  • The most flexible and configurable end-to-end solution in the US
  • Platform accessed through the HTI Cloud, utilizing your in-house labor, our On-Shore, Off-Shore, At-Home labor and/or external 3rd Party-managed site(s)
  • Options at integrating in-house, HTI and 3rd Party mail and document facilities
  • Solves specific business process issues across numerous departments and functions
  • Reduction in manual labor, errors, delays
  • Flexibility with new services, business rules, regulatory changes and audit requirements
  • Integrates core paper and digital functions
  • Easily integrated, rapidly deployed, rapid change management
  • Budget delivered via PaaS vs. upfront $
  • Supports migration from paper to digital