Optimizing Workflows with a Personal Service for Businesses with Complex Processes

Discover how we use our workflow expertise and proprietary technology to create the best solutions for our customers

We go beyond delivering exceptional digital workflows.

We offer bespoke solutions with a concierge-style partnership that genuinely comprehends the intricacies of business.

At Horizontech we create a logical workflow based on your internal needs and your client’s needs that operates silently in the background allowing you to focus on your core expertise and operate in them effectively and efficiently.

We are business workflow experts that leverage technology to help organizations improve business performance by streamlining processes, thereby reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

Person working on a laptop with virtual document icons overlaid on the image, emphasizing digital file management or data transfer.
A businessperson holds a smartphone displaying holographic icons of gears and a central quality assurance symbol, symbolizing advanced technological management.

We are business workflow experts that leverage technology to help organizations improve business performance by streamlining processes, thereby reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

We provide workflow orchestration and use technology to automate or streamline complex, multi-step processes that involve multiple systems, applications, and people. This process coordinates and manages these tasks and interactions to ensure that the process is completed efficiently and effectively.

What would freeing up your team to work on higher value tasks do?

Our approach and vetted onboarding process mitigates the risk often associated with change such as the fear of adoption and implementation without interruption ensuring the value of greater efficiencies that improved processes brings.

We optimize operations for organizations, reducing costs, boosting revenues, and enhancing client experiences.

By leveraging our proven approach , proprietary technology, and deep industry expertise, we offer the ultimate fusion, a custom result in less time and expense than traditional custom development.

We specialize in managing complex processes and highly sensitive data, ensuring compliance. As a solutions provider, we offer workflow automation solutions, seamless applications, integrations, and even the option to outsource clerical work, allowing teams to maintain peak productivity.

Furthermore, our expertise in digital transformation allows us to scan, digitize, organize, and securely store paper documentation.

With a solid track record of working with billion-dollar government agencies and major financial institutions, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

A person in a blue shirt working on a laptop with digital file icons floating above the screen, suggesting file management or cloud computing, with a smartphone beside the laptop.

We are a trusted ally in optimizing workflows, enabling businesses to focus on what matters most – growing their business.

What We Value

At the heart of our ethos lie service, innovative excellence, and progress—values that guide our actions and infuse joy into our work.

First Class Service

First Class Service

We value first-class service. Offering service that goes beyond expectations is our culture. Little thrills us more than the trust, relationships and enthusiasm we build by delivering service that transcends anticipations.
Innovative Excellence

Innovative Excellence

Exceptional solutions require more than great technology; they demand strategic and ingenious thinking.We thrive on conquering intricate challenges with creative innovation, consistently producing scalable solutions that surpass perceived limitations.
Our Client’s Success

Our Client’s Success

Propelling businesses forward energizes our team. Our unwavering commitment lies in positioning our clients for triumph in today’s competitive digital landscape, continuously working for their success and growth.

Our Story

While serving as Executive Vice President at National Processing Company, our founder, Dave Zook, struggled with software constraints that stifled service, quality, turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness while failing to adapt to individual customer needs.

The frustration stemming from these limitations sparked a burning desire to shatter these barriers and foster more productive, harmonious work environments, leading to the establishment of Horizontech in 1998.

Recognizing software’s pivotal role in business success, Zook seized the rise of Internet-based software to create the ultimate customizable and flexible platform for any unique processing need. This innovative platform empowered us to swiftly deploy tailored solutions within 30-60 days from requirements approval.

A person uses a laptop featuring a digital overlay of network connections and social media icons, highlighting modern communication technology.

Picture this: managing over 500 customers, 7,000 employees, and 20 operating sites spanning the U.S. and beyond using rigid software packages. This challenge was the experience of our founder and is at the heart of Horizontech's story.

In addition, we expanded our hosting capabilities and assembled a diverse clerical outsourcing staff enabling us to further support businesses in optimizing their operations by delegating tasks that detracted from their core expertise.

We were fortunate to attract significant clients early on by leveraging our specialized knowledge in complex processes, compliance, and security. This gave us a strong start and the ability to prioritize the client experience, which was the company’s intention from day one.

Today, we are committed to delivering optimal solutions by selecting the most suitable technologies based on our clients’ needs, complemented by concierge-level service to ensure our clients have peace of mind regarding project management and ongoing support.

Two professionals analyzing data on a laptop with documents and charts on the table in a modern office setting.

Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic to expand our reach and serve organizations with the most effective and technologically sound solutions, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in today's workflows while always maintaining the highest standards of service.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dave Zook

Founder and CEO

Tanya Martin

Chief Operating Officer

David Crozier

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Our Leadership Team

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A man wearing glasses and a striped shirt.

David Crozier

Chief Technology Officer

Our esteemed CTO, David Crozier, embodies a perfect blend of innovation and logic, paving the way for stable yet forward-thinking solutions. His advanced skill set and unwavering drive for innovation keep Horizontech at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements, notably our proprietary Xpertran software.

With over three decades of software design, programming, integration, and management expertise, David provides peak performance in our technological infrastructure and solutions.

His background includes designing and implementing software for web-based technologies, label printing, seamless interfaces with various systems, and establishing coding standards.

David ensures our clients’ backend operations’ success and leads an extraordinarily responsive team.

His attentiveness, knowledge, and exceptional leadership have earned him the utmost respect and popularity with our clients and colleagues.

Elderly caucasian man with a beard smiling, wearing a dark blazer over a plaid shirt, against a green background.

Dave Zook

Founder and CEO of Horizontech

Dave Zook has dedicated the past 40 years to advancing companies by optimizing their operations through transformative initiatives.

Dave’s zeal to innovate and bring efficiency to workflows became evident when he served at National Processing Company as executive vice president and CEO of Corporate Services. He spearheaded revolutionary initiatives there, such as VirtualPay, an early online payment service scaling to over $5 billion, and an outsourcing service for processing airline tickets, handling a significant portion of total passenger traffic in the U.S.

Since then, his reputation for driving unprecedented growth and efficiencies in companies has made him highly sought after by organizations seeking expert advice for process advancements.

Dave holds an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Behavioral Science from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
His steadfast commitment to innovation and ability to lead and attract top talent make him the impetus behind Horizontech’s success.

Woman with long black and pink hair smiling, wearing a black top, against a green background.

Tanya Martin

Vice President of Operations

Meet Tanya, our powerhouse Director of Operations. Tanya is a dynamic leader driving operational excellence and strategic growth at Horizontech since 2005. She has an insatiable drive to make things happen with an infectious personality that naturally builds meaningful relationships.

Drawing from a diverse background spanning management, operations, customer service, sales and marketing, business law, and more, she brings a wealth of expertise.

Tanya’s experience managing sales, customer relations, operations, and human resources has culminated in executing fluid operations at Horizontech and other capabilities such as solution design, implementations, and government contracts.

In addition, Tanya is instrumental in managing customer relations, and is relentless in her pursuit of excellence, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of exceptional solutions and service.

Tanya holds a Juris Doctor degree from North Carolina Central University and a BA in Philosophy with minors in Business Law and Management from NC State University.

Tanya’s drive for excellence and unwavering focus on delivering phenomenal results make her an invaluable asset.