Experience Efficiency, Savings, and Revenue Growth with our Returned Mail Solutions

Reconnect with your lost clients and regain revenues.

At Horizontech, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to optimizing operations and handling returned mail efficiently.

That’s why we’ve developed an unrivaled solution to assist you in reconnecting with your valuable customers. Our advanced Returned Mail Solution (RMS) offers a comprehensive approach, streamlining every aspect from capture and address verification to workflow management, all facilitated by our robust web-based platform.

We are uniquely positioned as the number one choice for return mail solutions

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Extensive Experience

With a track record of processing over 35 million mail pieces, representing a staggering $30+ billion in customer accounts receivables, our expertise speaks for itself. This wealth of experience positions us as a trusted partner in managing and optimizing large-scale and complex workflows.

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Data Compliance

At our core, we excel in delivering workflow automation solutions tailored in complex data environments that demand compliance with stringent regulations. Some of our clients include government agencies and the largest financial and healthcare institutions. Learn More.

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Cutting-Edge Address and Phone Search Software

Our proprietary search engine softwares meticulously crafted with over 300 algorithms, ensuring that our search results consistently outperform those of credit bureaus and data compilers. This dedication to precision and innovation sets our process apart, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability, reducing errors and delivering results!

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Comprehensive Process

If you’d like to delegate any and every part of the human experience in this process, you can leverage our solutions-clerical outsourcing for data imaging and management.

Our streaming processes and using our cutting-edge technology have not only propelled our clients' revenues into the millions but have also effectively alleviated them from substantial operational challenges.

University Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV, faced challenges managing undeliverable patient billing. Horizontech’s enterprise solution revolutionized the revenue cycle process, automating manual functions and reducing labor, errors, and delays. With an impressive ROI, Horizontech processed $287 million of undeliverable patient billing annually, increasing pre-collect patient payments from 2% to 24% and reducing patient AR sent to collections by $68 million. Moreover, bad debt decreased by $4 million. By utilizing Horizontech’s technology, the hospital mitigated risk, decreased HIPAA violations, and improved patient address search accuracy. The result? A 22% reduction in patient accounts sent to collections and $54 million in net annual improvements.

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University Medical Center net



in annual improvements.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our RMS solution epitomizes efficiency and precision:

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We guarantee accuracy using Remail or Validation Letter options, complete with delivery tracking for meticulous oversight.
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Automatic Update with Effortless Integration

We seamlessly integrate with your host system within two days of mail receipt, ensuring swift updates and operational continuity.
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Your solution is tailored to your specific requirements effortlessly.
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Swift Integration, Enduring Impact

Our complete Returned Mail Solution (RMS) can be integrated and operational within 30 days of your specifications, facilitating swift deployment and immediate benefits.
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Web-based Portal

Your customized web-based portal will empower your team with easy access to essential data ensuring efficiency and accelerating processing.

Effortless Data Tracking

Our platform furnishes a comprehensive audit trail and archive of returned documents, providing real-time tracking, detailed analysis, statistics, and bespoke reporting for heightened visibility and control.

Horizontech ensures compliance with the highest security standards, including SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, and HITECH. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. By adhering to these rigorous standards, we prioritize the protection of sensitive information and maintain the trust of our clients and partners.

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Leveraging these technologies will transform your business by:

  • Insuring customers are not LOST

  • Accelerate cash flow for returned mail reflecting invoice payments

  • Improving your top and bottom line with cost saving efficiencies and improved revenues

  • Offering relevance in today’s modern workplace

  • Saving time by accelerating claims processing

  • Improving your top and bottom line with cost saving efficiencies and improved revenues

Save time on ineffective return mail solutions, increase revenues by being able to properly track, analyze and obtain payments like so many of our clients have.

Transform your mail management and boost revenue today!

Learn how our solutions save time and enhance payment tracking for increased profitability.

Horizontech is committed to streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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