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Welcome to the future of business efficiency. Embrace the power of streamlined document imaging and digital workflow orchestration to revolutionize your operations and elevate productivity to new heights.

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In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, staying relevant is crucial for operational resilience.

Our document imaging services are tailored to align with your organization's goals, ensuring you're prepared for what lies ahead.

Our customized solutions save time and ease and eliminate costly inefficiencies to reduce operational costs and improve employee engagement.

Meeting customer expectations is paramount, and our streamlined document management systems and modern technologies ensure operational optimization and enhance the customer experience.

Moreover, upgrading workflows, we maximize resources and minimize errors, ultimately leading to increased revenues.

Let us empower your business with efficient document management solutions tailored to your needs like we did for this client.


Now a leader in tax report processing

Comdata, a tax report processing company for the trucking industry, faced multiple challenges, including data capture errors, inefficient workflows, and time-consuming accounting tasks. To address these issues, they turned to Horizontech. Horizontech provided Comdata with advanced data capture technology that could handle over 500 different form types with an accuracy rate of 99.5% with our advanced OCR technology. By digitizing processes and integrating with task management systems, Horizontech streamlined Comdata’s workflow, reducing error rates to an impressive .05% and processing time to just 48 hours. Custom reporting and interfaces were tailored to Comdata’s unique needs, facilitating a smooth transition to a digital environment. Thanks to Horizontech’s solutions, Comdata became a leader in processing capability supporting the trucking industry.
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The Horizontech Way

What sets us apart at Horizontech is our unparalleled expertise, swift client responsiveness, and our remarkable ability to deliver custom agile solutions that deliver superior outcomes in record time.
Concierge Service In an Exceptional Tech Package

Concierge Service In an Exceptional Tech Package

Superior Outcomes

Superior Outcomes

Engaged Business Partner, Trusted Advisor

Engaged Business Partner, Trusted Advisor

Advanced Technology offers fast and easy post-implementation changes

Advanced Technology offers fast and easy post-implementation changes

Pieces to Successful Document Solutions

Our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to excellence will revolutionize how you manage your documents.

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Data Capture

Capture electronic documents via the web, import data in any format, and use a flexible data entry process with rules-based editing and our advanced OCR technology.
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Streamlined Exception Handling

Our advanced workflow processing includes streamlined exception handling, ensuring efficient document processing. With clear rules, ambiguous or unrecognized documents are automatically routed for manual review, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency.
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Automatic Send-Back Processing

Enjoy the convenience of automatic send-back processing via email, fax, or postal mail. This feature significantly reduces handling costs and streamlines document management processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
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Digitization of Workflows

Our system eliminates manual document identification and advanced mailroom operations, enhancing overall efficiency by leveraging OCR technology. Natural language processing (NLP) extracts and processes data from documents and emails to further refine workflows.
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Access real-time reporting flexibility, built-in task management, and advanced quality statistics for comprehensive insights into your document imaging processes.
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File Room Storage

Our system incorporates an advanced barcode-based filing system for efficient physical retrieval and storage. Facilitating physical pulls for audits ensures accurate and reliable file room storage.
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Image Hosting

Our platform offers image hosting with advanced and customizable search functions. We also provide high-speed internet connections for fast turnaround and online/offline options for long-term storage.
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Latest Technology Platform

Our system is fully functional and customizable with user-based control, tracking, and security features on a web-enabled platform.
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File Creation

Our company specializes in creating custom output files for efficient document imaging processes. We prioritize compatibility and seamless integration with back-end processing systems to ensure a streamlined and hassle-free document management experience. Our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to excellence will revolutionize how you manage your documents.

Horizontech ensures compliance with the highest security standards, including SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, and HITECH. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. By adhering to these rigorous standards, we prioritize the protection of sensitive information and maintain the trust of our clients and partners.

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Horizontech is committed to streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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