Optimize Operations with Clerical Outsourcing

Empower your business to streamline operations, allocate resources efficiently, and prioritize impactful work for enhanced efficiency

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Mailroom - Document Scanning - Data Entry - Image Hosting - Document Filing

From mailroom to online image retrieval, we specialize in managing all your paper and imaging needs. With decades of experience, we provide turn-key solutions customized to your specifications.

In today’s modern age where digital transformation is paramount, outsourced clerical support offers a strategic solution to elevate your business operations. Welcome to a future where your team can focus on innovation and growth. Picture experienced professionals handling the burdensome tasks as data runs seamlessly and effortlessly through your workflow.

By integrating this solution with our workflow solutions, we can route selected transactions for your staff’s review or data updates for further processing before delivering the finalized data for posting to your systems.
With the assistance of outsourced clerical services, managing your data can become seamless and effortless.

Our Expertise

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Data Management

Our expertise spans indexing, data entry, storage, and retrieval, guaranteeing up to 99.9% data capture accuracy through our advanced web-based software.

Our secure on-shore At Home network offer significant cost savings and ensure uninterrupted data access, available 24/7 worldwide.

A person in business attire inserting paper into a printer or copier, focusing on their hands and the paper tray.

Image Management

We excel in comprehensive image management, providing scanning, OCR, OMR, ICR, data capture, filing, process mining, and image hosting services for diverse paper applications. Our web-based document imaging solutions streamline document search and retrieval, offering secure document storage and management to save time and resources.

Our Clerical Services

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Mailroom Services

From handling incoming mail to efficient document routing.
Icon depicting a magnifying glass over an envelope surrounded by speech bubbles, symbolizing email search or analysis.

Document Scanning

Digitize paper documents for easy access and retrieval.

Scan any format

Preparation and reassembly of documents

Documents with or without attachments

Single or multi-page forms
Icon depicting a hand holding three documents, each with arrows pointing downward, symbolizing file management or data transfer.

Data Capture &
Data Entry

Accurate and efficient data input.

Document capture from anywhere

Direct import of data files of virtually any format, providing either data or lookup tables

Data entry process that can accommodate single entry; sight verification; blind verification and quality control with rules-based editing
Icon of stacked folders, depicting a file organization concept, in a blue line art style.

Document Filing

Organize and store critical information.

Advanced, barcode-based filing system for physical retrieval

File-time validation that every batch filed was successfully scanned

Customer to box matching at filing time

Physical pulls for audits Onsite secure shredding cross-cut shredding
Blue icon of a gear surrounded by a circular arrow, symbolizing process or cycle management.

Digital Workflow

Fully functional web-based system

Customized for specific needs

User-based operator control, tracking, and security

Tracking of each version of data through each step of process
Graphic icon depicting a desktop computer with two speakers, illustrating a home multimedia setup.

Image Hosting

Securely manage and retrieve digital images.

Advanced, customizable search functions

Warp speed Internet connections for fast turnaround

Online/Offline options for long term storage
Icon depicting a bar chart with data points connected by a line graph on a browser window, symbolizing digital analytics or web metrics.

Business Analytics and Intelligence Reporting

Real time, flexible, custom reporting

Built in task management system

Advanced statistics system for analyzing data

Audit creation for document

Why Choose Us for Your Outsourced Clerical Support?

Outsourcing clerical tasks to Horizontech offers strategic advantages:

Optimize your resources and improve your bottom line

Free your team from mundane tasks, creating an environment of innovation and growth, while saving money to get clerical work done.

Increase efficiency and improve communications with Workflow Integration

Seamlessly integrate outsourced solutions into your existing workflow.

Mitigate errors and make better decisions with Data Capture Accuracy

OCR, OMR, ICR: Advanced optical recognition technologies assisted by AI and ML offer 99+% data capture accuracy.

Expertise in Data Management

We excel in comprehensive image and data management for diverse paper applications.

Secure Image Hosting

Our web-based image hosting solutions streamline document search and retrieval, offering secure image storage and management to save time and resources.

What you can Expect

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Experience significant cost savings of 30%-50% with our clerical outsourcing services allowing businesses to allocate resources more strategically, optimizing operations.

High Quality

High Quality

Our commitment to exceptional quality ensures an accuracy rate of over 99% in data capture and document processing, eliminating data errors and resulting in timelier decisions and better client experiences.
Security Assurance

Security Assurance

Our clerical staff undergoes rigorous training and adheres to the highest standards of excellence. Our longevity in the marketplace of over 26 years attests to our commitment to privacy, security, and customer retention. We are also audited annually for HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 compliance.
Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

We ensure quick project startup and access to your organization’s vital information with 24-hour document processing.


Our dedicated clerical staff exemplify qualities such as conscientiousness, friendliness, loyalty, and diligence. They possess an excellent work ethic and pay meticulous attention to detail. Since the inception of our outsourcing services offerings, we have achieved exceptional customer retention and satisfaction. Moreover, we consistently surpass expectations in terms of security, quality, and turnaround times.

Optimize your time and streamline your processes by letting us handle your mundane tasks.

Clerical outsourcing enables you to focus on impactful work with improved efficiency, higher quality output, and significant cost savings.

Horizontech is committed to streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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