Harnessing Integration Power: Revolutionizing Tax Reporting

Transforming Tax Reporting for the Trucking Industry through Streamlined Workflow Integration

Horizontech implemented a workflow automation solution that transformed Comdata’s operations. Their immediate focus was automating mailroom operations using our advanced software and outsourced clerical services. The collaboration continued, and Horizontech soon began integrating and automating various systems and departments to increase their operations proficiency.

This evolution included integrating the accounting department’s workflows between departments to ensure seamless communication and enhance efficiency across the board. Alongside this, they provided real-time access to paper documents through a fully barcoded system, facilitating streamlined interactions between the delivery team and other departments. Horizontech also created a mobile application for the drivers to enter their receipts while in transit to bring ease and speed to their process.

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Comdata, a payment processing company for trucking fleets, sought a solution to the persistent challenges plaguing its operations.

With lost returns, delays in data capture, and significant errors in quality, the need for change was evident.
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With features ranging from data conversion to custom reporting and a task management system, the partnership between Comdata and Horizontech flourished. Audits became seamless with same-day document retrieval, while trucking companies gained enhanced functionality such as direct uploads and an easy interface for trip reporting.

The result? - A 20-year partnership that propelled Comdata to the forefront of processing capability in the trucking industry.

Through their innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence, Horizontech addressed Comdata’s immediate needs, set them up for success for their future needs, and nurtured a relationship built on trust, reliability, and mutual success.

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