Transforming Operations: A Case Study with a Global Financial Giant

How Horizontech Revolutionized Back-Office Efficiency and Customer Experience

A person uses a smartphone to make a contactless payment at a point-of-sale terminal in a dimly lit setting.

As one of the largest financial services organizations in the world, serving consumer, business, and institutional customers, this institution is also among the top ten largest commercial banking organizations in the United States. With over 40 million customers across 50 countries, they are steadfastly committed to developing long-standing customer relationships. However, their in-house operations needed to keep pace with their ambitious goals.


Turning to Horizontech for assistance, this esteemed financial services organization sought a secure, reliable, and compliant-driven solution to address its operational challenges and enhance customer relationships. Through our tailored solutions, the organization experienced immediate benefits:
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Holistic Approach

Horizontech implemented solutions that addressed specific issues with undeliverable returned mail and broader back-office inefficiencies.
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Security Compliance

Our solutions surpassed stringent security requirements, ensuring the protection of sensitive customer data, regulatory compliance, and document destruction protocols.
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Enhanced Tracking and Data Integrity

Each document received detailed tracking and data capture, facilitating more efficient downstream customer contact and issue resolution.
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Streamlined Back-Office Operations

Back-office processes were streamlined, resulting in a remarkable 30x reduction in processing timeframes compared to previous methods.
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Decreased Service Calls and Labor

With improved efficiency and automation, the organization witnessed a significant decrease in customer service calls, labor requirements, and the need for special handling of documents.


Through collaboration with Horizontech, this financial services organization achieved transformative results.

Our tailored solutions not only addressed their immediate operational challenges but also paved the way for future innovations, ultimately enhancing service quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

A person uses a smartphone to make a contactless payment at a point-of-sale terminal in a dimly lit setting.

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