Workflow Efficiency for California’s DMV: Digitizing Automotive Title Processing

Enhancing Efficiency, Accuracy, and Security in Data Management

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Given the task of digitizing, organizing, and managing California's DMV processing, Horizontech rose to the challenge with unparalleled responsiveness and precision.

One significant bottleneck for the DMV was capturing “Transfer of Liability” documents. The myriad of complexities presented to Horizontech were not a problem. From handwritten forms to multilingual data interpretation, every detail mattered. Our team navigated these challenges with finesse, employing advanced software editing and specialized keyer training to ensure accuracy.

Moreover, we surpassed stringent output file requirements, meticulously adhering to conventions and standards while maintaining data integrity. Through contextual editing and careful validation, we ensured that every data record was captured accurately and placed in the right field.

Our commitment to excellence was evident in our exceptional data accuracy level, exceeding 99%.

Despite the project’s intricacies, Horizontech remained unwaveringly responsive, meeting turnaround requirements of just two days without fail. This seamless coordination and efficiency eased the employees’ and customers’, resulting in a better overall experience and higher satisfaction.

With Horizontech as your workflow optimization partner, you can rest assured that your most sensitive data is handled with the utmost security, responsiveness, and accuracy bringing a by-product of peace and a happier work environment.

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