$54 Million Increased Revenues for Non-Profit Hospital

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As the 18th largest public hospital in the US, our client faced significant challenges due to its financially diverse and transient patient population. With over 42 million visitors annually, managing billing and payments became a daunting task. To tackle this, the hospital sought a solution that could revolutionize its revenue cycle while accommodating various billing platforms and statement vendors.

Partnering with Horizontech

Recognizing the need for advanced technologies and processes, the hospital partnered with Horizontech, a leading provider of payment processing solutions. Our approach targeted critical areas such as collections, patient information management, and customer service enhancement.

Addressing Key Challenges

Enterprise Consolidation

Enterprise Consolidation

Horizontech provided a unified platform capable of managing multiple payment systems and statements from various vendors. This streamlined process included managing barcoded and non-barcoded inbound mail, ensuring efficient data conversion for patient address searches.
Patient Receivables and Collections

Patient Receivables and Collections

With Horizontech’s solution, the hospital saw remarkable improvements. Pre-collect patient payments surged from 2% to an impressive 24%, reducing patient accounts receivable sent to collections by $68 million. Additionally, bad debt decreased by $4 million, showcasing significant financial gains.
Enhanced Patient Experience

Enhanced Patient Experience

Leveraging Horizontech’s data analytics capabilities, the hospital optimized its customer service by providing valuable patient data. Automating manual functions reduced labor, errors, and delays, ultimately enhancing the patient experience.
Reducing Risk with Advanced Technology

Reducing Risk with Advanced Technology

Horizontech’s RMSLinkTM Address Management, Search, and Standardization Software revolutionized patient address search, mitigating risks associated with HIPAA violations and patient fraud. Our software ensured compliance and higher update/deliverability rates by surpassing traditional skip-tracing solutions.
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RMSLinkTM Address Management, Search and Standardization Software; the Software is built to outperform all market solutions by linking multiple data providers, and yielding an updated address that has passed the test of over 300+ algorithms for ensuring the most relevant and probable data without the need for social security numbers or dates of birth. The Software yields a more Compliant outcome and higher update/deliverability rate vs. traditional skip tracing solutions.

HIPAA Audit Capabilities

In addition to addressing patient fraud and identity issues, Horizontech’s FraudLinkTM technology provided the hospital with robust HIPAA audit capabilities. This proactive approach protected the hospital from repeat incidents and provided a comprehensive audit trail for compliance reporting.

ROI Highlights


million in net annual improvements.


reduction in patient accounts sent to collections.

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Through strategic partnership and innovative solutions, Horizontech transformed the revenue cycle for our client, resulting in substantial financial gains and improved patient satisfaction. We continue to drive efficiency and excellence in healthcare revenue management by leveraging advanced technologies and processes.

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